Angels Helping Angels

Angels Helping Angels is a small grass-roots organization founded in 2009 by the Black family. Created with a "pay it forward" philosophy in mind, Angels Helping Angels  seek to establish an opportunity for a new generation of volunteers. Leading by example, Angels Helping Angels hope to encourage others to volunteer their time, gifts and talents with the hopes of making this world a better place.

With the help and generous financial support from a wonderful group of volunteers, state and local organizations; we have been able to undertake several community projects.  Since our inception, Angels Helping Angels has been on the front lines in providing school supplies, food, monetary support, clothing, and referral assistance to thousands of  individuals and families.  All donations are used towards our mission.




Long Term Vision

To improve the quality of life of men, women and children affected by hunger, homelessness and extreme poverty. To serve as a resource for  impoverished and homeless individuals by providing general services to aid them in securing a better quality of life. To operate a fully functional resources center, food pantry, and shelter to assist persons in need.